Minecraft Server

Want to join in the fun with us on our Community Minecraft Server?
Our main Community Server relies on Discord to manage access. Only members of our Discord server are allowed to join. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY MINECRAFT SERVER.

When you try to join for the first time, you’ll encounter a screen providing a code.

You need to message this code to @JTandBexBot#4381. This action links your Discord and Minecraft accounts, putting you on the allowed list.

You’ll be removed from the allowed list if you leave the Discord server. This also means you’ll lose access to any chests or bases you had in the game.

Additionally, if you are banned from our Minecraft server, you’ll face a ban from our Discord server as well.

You must have DMs from server members enabled when you send your code to gain access to the server. You can toggle this in your privacy settings.

Get the server details in our Discord server, in the channel #server-rules-and-info.

The Rules

1. No automated farms or villager trading halls on the main spawn island to prevent lag.
2. English-only chat.
3. No chat spam or trolling.
4. Maintain a PG-13 language rating.
5. Players must be 13 years or older; no age discussions allowed.
6. Respect other players, their builds, and boundaries.
7. Respect staff; no backseat moderating.
8. No stealing.
9. No griefing.
10. No duplicating farms, except for TNT duping.
11. Do not keep unintentional duped items (bug-induced duplicates).
12. No cheating mods (e.g., X-Ray, Flying).
13. No PVP without unanimous agreement.
14. Avoid lag generators; staff may deactivate them with notifications.
15. No promotion of other Minecraft servers.
16. No alternate accounts to evade bans.
17. Give JT space during streaming; he's shy and might flee!