More About Us

Hi there! We’re JT and Bex, and we’ve been streaming since 2014. We met back in 2003 but didn’t become a couple until 2009. We’ve always enjoyed entertaining people and playing video games, so when a customer came to JT while he was working as a computer repair technician and asked for a gaming PC to start streaming on Twitch, the idea of combining the two appealed to us. We talked about it and thought it would be something we could do together.

We started our streaming journey playing Terraria on Twitch, but our family grew and we had to move house, which put a hold on our plans to conquer the world. Then in 2016, we discovered Minecraft on the Xbox and played it every night after the kids went to bed, exploring as much as we could on the restricted size of the world.

We were watching a lot of Hermitcraft at the time and were inspired by what they could do. This convinced us to buy the Java version of Minecraft for the PC, and we met a few people through RenDog’s public server, Dogcraft. We started a very short-lived server called “AML Craft”, which our friends from Dogcraft joined.

When the Update Aquatic was released, we started to record a survival series and a series based entirely in The Nether. Shortly after we started releasing videos, we were approached by a new SMP, LyfCraft, to join them, and our first LyfCraft episode was released in early 2019.

The members of LyfCraft convinced us to start streaming again, which led us to become Twitch Affiliates in June 2019. We’ve introduced a lot of community interaction, and we’re always looking for new ways for the community to interact with us during streams. We launched a community games server and are in our third year of running our Minecraft Survival server for our community.

Our equipment has come a long way too. We started streaming from our living room with a standard-definition Logitech webcam and a poor-quality microphone, but now we’re using Rode Podmics, a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface, and a Sony camera, with several Elgato stream decks.

As parents to 3 boys, all diagnosed with ASD, we know that the challenges are greater when it comes to managing the kids’ needs, but we’ve learned to make it work. It wasn’t easy, to begin with, and this was part of the reason we took a break for so long after we moved house. But as the kids have grown older, they’ve become more independent, and one of us is always available to help if they have a problem while the other streams.

JT at Hill Croft Special School

One of the biggest things we’ve done as streamers was raising money for our son’s former primary school, Hillcroft Special School, a school for children with severe learning difficulties. We raised £620 for them while playing Minecraft during a 12-hour stream, and it was a very special cause for us as they helped our son, Evan, develop during a very trying time, and we wanted to give back to them.

The plan will always be to expand and grow as creators while not losing touch with our community. We wouldn’t be where we are now without them, and they are the reason we enjoy streaming. Being able to play games on our very own server is special to us, and we can’t wait to meet new people to play with.