Server Quests

Welcome to Season 3, with added quests!

At spawn (/spawn) you will find five areas to accept quests. Two areas reward border expansion, two reward Bexcoin. One final area will contain Epic Quests which will provide Epic Rewards

Spawn, with two reward areas visible.


To accept a quest, right-click an NPC that displays the quest you’d like to recieve.

The message that appears when the quest is complete


When completing the quest, your reward will be issued, and another message will appear.

You can accept more than one quest at a time. But there is a limit to how often you can repeat quests.
The timer starts from quest completion. Daily quests can only be accepted once every 24 hours, weekly quests once a week, and Epic Quests…. just once.

This quest is complete

Daily quests will change once a week. Weekly quests will change once a month. Epic quests will change randomly.