Mod Commands

These are commands useful for moderating the Minecraft server.

Adding,Removing, and Promoting Players

/whitelist add <playername>  – Adds a user to the whitelist. After doing this, make sure to react to their discord post with ✅. 
/kick <playername> <optional reason> – Kicks the player from the server, does not ban them
/ban <playername> <optional reason> – Bans the player from the server permanently
/luckperms user <playername> promote – Promotes the player from regular user to subscriber
/luckperms user <playername> demote – Demotes a player from subscriber to user

Mode Changes and Viewing Players

/spectator – Changes your gamemode to spectator
/survival – Changes your gamemode to survival
/spectate <playername> – (MUST BE IN SPECTATOR FIRST) Spectates the named player

Chat moderation

/cf pause – Prevents anyone from chatting. Staff can still chat
/cf whitelist <word> – Allows a word to be said
/cf blacklist <word> – Prevents a word from being said

Warnings and Reports 

/warn [severity] [player] [reason] – Command to give a player a warning. 3 severity levels with different scores. MINOR (1), MAJOR (3), CRITICAL (5). Whenever a player passes the threshold score of 6, they get banned.
/manage-reports – Open the manage reports GUI.